We are

Vivatinell is further than a health care company. We are a community of physicians, researchers and innovators dedicated to bridging the latest medical solutions and everyday consumer health care challenges. Through close communication with our stakeholders and the medical community, we generate innovative brands that help to make people’s lives healthier, easier and happier.

We do

We are dedicated to solving today’s consumer health care challenges that have firm impacts on preventing future diseases. Today, health care is further than treating illnesses. It is much more about simultaneously bettering today as well as tomorrow.

Meanwhile, we need to be in harmony with nature, communities and other living beings, as these are all interlinked dimensions of a future that we aspire. Therefore, we put great emphasis on the compatibility of our research & development, product design and production practices with the natural balance of our precious environment.

We listen, we think, we design, and create – we do all that it takes to deliver health care solutions that have sustainable, positive impacts on the world we live in and the future that awaits us.

We aim

We aim to build a healthier, easier and happier life for all through innovative health care products. In doing so, we fully recognise that our future health and happiness depend on preserving the natural balance of the ecosystem. Our primary motivation is to solve people’s challenges, while not posing further threats to nature and other living beings.

Our core values drive us to understanding people’s challenges, designing superior solutions, manufacturing responsibly, and marketing constructively. These reflect our dedication to making everyday lives healthier, easier and happier.


At Vivatinell, everything begins with people. We are dedicated to understanding and addressing people’s health challenges, but we also pay utmost attention to people’s dreams and desires. Today, health refers to being in shape and feeling good, as much as it does to be illness-free.

Besides, people’s health challenges are not isolated phenomena: baby’s skin care influence family’s happiness; children’s nutrition shapes adulthood health; and personal care makes the everyday life easier and happier.

As such, we prioritise the individual, but we design innovative solutions for a healthier, easier and happier future – for all.


Our customer orientation drives us to focus on specific health challenges. Fuelled by the latest technological and scientific advancements, we target specific consumer health challenges and deliver customised care to overcome them.

This means that we generate dedicated health care products for specific needs, most of which are identified as niche segments, ranging from nutritional supplements for children who dislike vegetables to stress-related hair loss in adults. In doing so, we combine our understanding of people’s challenges and the latest medical research to innovate new products that make people’s lives healthier, easier and happier.


At the centre of our approach to health care is prevention. We are an innovative pioneer in the emerging consumer health care landscape that puts great emphasis on prevention of diseases. Our baby care, children’s nutrition, personal care and dermo-cosmetics brands consist of products that address existing challenges while preparing the building blocks of future health, happiness and well-being.


Responsible production is essential to ensuring a healthier, easier and happier world. Nature and living creatures are the most valuable resources available to us, which is why we dignify them and take any measure to be in harmony with them.

Our responsible production practices are sustainable towards the environment and animals: our carbon foot print is among the lowest in the industry; we strictly do not test our dermo-cosmetics products on animals; and we source our dietary supplement ingredients from sustainable suppliers.

We make

The world we live in today changes faster than we can readily adapt. Today, we face a larger set of risks and opportunities regarding the way we decide to shape our lives, while our health and happiness are at the epicentre of such decisions. Every day, we need to make decisions to minimise risks, and make the best out of every moment.

Vivatinell steps in at those moments of decision making, and empower people worldwide with brands that make life healthier, easier and happier. We do this by our innovative approach to consumer health care, which entails two key dimensions: personalisation and prevention.

Personalisation in Vivatinell’s approach to health care means developing and delivering dedicated products for specific challenges and desires. Each person is unique, and has distinct challenges today, and different dreams about tomorrow.

‘One size fits all’ approaches are becoming increasingly irrelevant to health care. Today, we offer over 200 products under 12 brands in 37 countries with a total population of over 1 billion individuals, all dedicated to specific consumer health challenges.

By providing custom solutions to existing challenges, we help people prevent future challenges and enable them to self-manage their health.

We disrupt

At present, there are a great variety of young and innovative enterprises in various industries, all are driven by the motivation to disrupt the status quo and deliver people superior products that make life healthier, easier and happier.

Being an old industry professional often means sticking to entrenched methods of production and channels of marketing. Younger generations increasingly grasp the mismatch between the rapidly changing global conditions and the entrenched practices of industry professionals.

Vivatinell is a decade-young, energetic and innovation-driven enterprise with practices that shape the future of health care.

Our leadership

Our executive team consists of entrepreneurial individuals from medical and commercial backgrounds. This constitutes the central pillars of our approach to generating and maintaining innovative health care brands that combine the state-of-art medical research and latest consumer trends.

Our partnerships

Our partners are key to delivering the values we create to consumers around the globe. They launch our brands in their home markets, introduce our products to consumers and keep us updated on emerging health challenges and targets.

We are in

We are true discoverers. Our dedicated teams pursue new challenges in different geographical areas, and we partner with local experts in health care to create solutions.