Personalised health care, healthier future

We enrich people's lives by delivering personalised health care and well-being

Our global brands offer products that prevent future health risks, while empowering consumers to take control of their existing aches and pains. We do this by designing evidence-based products dedicated to specific needs and desires.


Brands in all areas, products for personalised needs

Our brands deliver health care and well-being to individuals and families in over 30 countries by offering dedicated solutions for their specific needs and desires


Empowering individuals and families with personalised and preventative health care

At Vivatinell, we are dedicated to design, produce and deliver everyday health care products that enable individuals and families to take control of their future.


Keep up with us for a healthier future

Discover our latest news, facts and developments, including the trade shows we attend, our manufacturing practices and new product releases.


Inspired by people, designed by entrepreneurs, delivered by partners

Dedicated teams at Vivatinell are constantly on the look out for new challenges around the world. Our worldwide partners feed us with consumer health care and well-being problems. In turn, we understand, design, create and deliver personalised consumer health care products that move people to a healthier, easier and happier future.


Challenges that matter, solutions that sustain

A significant part of our mission is to grow sustainably. Our prime value proposition is personalised products, while protecting our environment. At Vivatinell, we recognise that nature and other living creatures do not belong to humans, but that we are only a part of the earth.


We are a community on a specific mission

We are here to design, create and deliver superior value for a healthier, easier and happier future. That is our mission, and our journey is not an ordinary one. We embrace disruptive thinkers, and provide an entrepreneurial environment for those who excell outside their comfort zone. People at Vivatinell are curious and free-thinkers; our teams ideate, validate and create innovative solutions to evaded challenges; and together we aspire to reshape the future of health care.

At Vivatinell, we deliver personalised and preventative consumer health care solutions that enable individuals to take control of their health and well-being.

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